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I first got interested in real estate because for ten years, I was a software engineer working in the real estate industry. (I currently develop apps for the iPhone/iPad.)

If you are an information and technology buff, I'm the agent for you. I will make sure that you are well-informed of the market data impacting your buying or selling decision.

I first lived in Tucson for two years in the mid '80s after college graduation. I met and married my husband here, and we have lived in Alabama, Virginia, and California before our return to Tucson 16 years ago. (I understand the challenges of relocation!)

I am most familiar with the Sam Hughes/University area and the Foothills, although if you are interested in another neighborhood, I welcome the opportunity to broaden my scope!

Husband Russell is a professor in the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. Son Peter graduated in Computer Science from U of A last year, and is “living the dream,” developing video games in California.

Of over 6,700 Realtors® in Tucson, why choose me?

"If you have to trust someone, make it a quirky computer genius." -- "Jack Bauer" in Esquire Magazine.

But seriously, agents have access to some great data. Most clients probably don't care, but if you are the type that likes to analyze data, look at trends and graphs, try to find the "best deal", you're my kind of client.

Are you relocating to Tucson, and want to narrow down some choices before coming out to house-hunt? I can help. I'll set up a search based on your criteria, email you the possibilities, preview them for you -- I'll even shoot some videos of houses on your "short list" if you'd like, and email them to you.

You may have noticed that my website is a little different from those of other agents; I'm a little different, too. I'll take the same approach to the real estate process: personalized, creative, and detail-oriented.


Areas of interest:

High-end residential properties

Investment properties

North and central Tucson neighborhoods

Laure Chipman

Tierra Antigua Realty

Tucson, Arizona

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